Date of Warrant, March 15th, 1900.
Consecrated May 9th, 1900.
Centenary Warrant dated 9th May, 2000.
Meets at the Masonic Centre, St. Martins, Guernsey, on the fourth Tuesday in January, February, March, October and November and the second Tuesday in December.
Installation meeting, April 29th.

Balfour Cockburn Lodge was consecrated at a meeting of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Guernsey and Alderney, held on Wednesday 9th May 1900, at the South Market Upper Hall, St Peter Port. The Lodge was named after Dr James Balfour Cockburn, who was Provincial Grand Master for the Province of Guernsey and Alderney at that time. The Consecrating Officer was the Provincial Grand Master and he was installed as the first Worshipful Master of the Balfour Cockburn Lodge by W.Bro Dr. Le Cronier, Deputy Provincial Grand Master of Jersey.

The Founders were:
            W.Bro. E.K. Corbin, Prov.S.G.W.
            W.Bro. J.B. Nickolls, Prov.G.Sec.
            W.Bro. W.H. Lovell, P.Prov.G.D.
                 Bro. A.A. Henley, Prov.G.Chap.
            W.Bro. J.T. Laine, Prov.G.Treas.
            W.Bro. W. Entwisle ,P.Prov.G.D.
            W.Bro. T. Elliot, Prov.S.G.D.
                 Bro. J.D.C. Allen, Prov.G.Stwd.
            W.Bro. G.F. Peek, Prov.G.Supt.Wks.
                 Bro. J.L Pells, P.Prov.G.Stwd.
                 Bro. Charlton Raven, “Adelphi,” 1670
            W.Bro. N.P. Barbenson, Prov.J.G.W.
            W.Bro. N.W. Gaudion, Prov.G.Reg.
            W.Bro. E.W. Livesey, Prov.J.G.D.

The Provincial Grand Master had also recently celebrated his 70th birthday, and was also celebrating his Masonic Jubilee, having been a Freemason for 50 years.

The petition for the Lodge empowered meetings to take place on the fourth Tuesday in each month at the Masonic Hall, Court Place, Guernsey. At a meeting held on the 26th June 1900, this was revised to exclude the months of June, July and August, and confirmed that the April meeting be the Installation Meeting and would be held on the 29th April, in each year, in commemoration of the birthday of the first Worshipful Master, R.W.Bro. James Balfour Cockburn, M.D.

Unfortunately the Lodge Minute Books for the period July 1906 to May 1930 are missing.

The Lodge continued to meet at the Masonic Hall, Court Place, as the sub-tenant of Doyle’s Lodge of Fellowship. On 13th april 1904 the name of the building was changed to ‘Freemasons Hall’.

The lodge continued to meet at Freemasons Hall, Court Place, until 27th September 1932, when the lodge held its first meeting at the Masonic Temple, Le Marchant Street, St Peter Port. The building having been extended to accommodate the Large Temple and Dining Room.

The Lodge did not meet between the 28th May 1940 and 26th February 1946, due to the Occupation of the Island, so W.Bro. H.W. Prins, who served as Worshipful Master from 29th April 1940 to 29th April 1946, must be the longest ‘serving’ Master in the history of the Lodge.

In 1969 both the May and September meetings were no longer held, and the Lodge met only in January, February, March, October, November and December, with the Installation meeting being held on April 29th each year, a tradition which still stands.

In October 1998 the Lodge met for the first time in the new Masonic Temple at St Martins, where it meets to this day.

On the 20th May 2000 the Balfour Cockburn Lodge celebrated its Centenary year at the Masonic Temple, where W.Bro.A.D. Gaudion presided over the meeting.

The Lodge continues to enjoy an excellent membership, with ages ranging from 21 to 90 years of age.

On Saturday 16th June 2007, at a ceremony at St James Hall Guernsey,  the Lodge received the great honour of having two members, the Right Worshipful Brother David Hodgetts and the Very Worshipful Brother Roddy Ray, promoted to Provincial Grand Master and Deputy Provincial Grand Master

W.Bro. Owen Le Valee - A Short Masonic History

At the Balfour Cockburn meeting on the 22nd of March 2011 the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master, David Hodgetts, presented W.Bro. Owen Le Vallee with a certificate to mark 50 years in Freemasonry.

Owen remarked;

“When considering joining Freemasonry, I approached my Father, who had been initiated into Balfour Cockburn in 1939 and became Worshipful Master in 1955. He also became a founder member of the Victor Carey Lodge No. 6892 in 1949 and was installed into the Chair in 1950.

I was initiated into Victor Carey Lodge on the 11th May 1960 at the Masonic Temple in Le Marchant Street, St Peter Port. My reason for choosing that Lodge being that many of its members were at school with me and were known by me through business. Later, I became joining member of Balfour Cockburn Lodge.

Over the many happy years spent with Balfour Cockburn, I have been privileged to have served in many of the offices of the Lodge, as Treasurer, Secretary, Assistant DC and DC, and twice as Worshipful Master, in 1972/73 and 1993/94.”

Owen Le Vallee.

Lodge Centenary

On Saturday 20th May 2000 the Balfour Cockburn Lodge held its Centenary meeting at 1130 at the Masonic Centre, St Martins.

At this meeting the Officers of the Lodge were:

Worshipful Master                              W.Bro. A.D. Gaudion
Immediate Past Master                       W.Bro. D.F. Gaudion
Senior Warden                                    W.Bro. C.J. Robilliard, P.Prov.G.St.B.
Junior Warden                                         Bro. R.P. de Garis
Chaplain                                              W.Bro. S.W.J. Jehan, P.Prov.S.G.D.
Treasurer                                             W.Bro. J.H. Humphreys, P.Prov.G.St.B.
Secretary                                             W.Bro. O. Le Vallée, P.Prov. J.G.W.
Director of Ceremonies                       W.Bro. R. Grant, Prov.G.Ch.Stwd.
Almoner                                              W.Bro. D.F. Clark, P.Prov.G.St.B.
Charity Steward                                  W.Bro. R.A.V. de Garis, P.Prov.J.G.W.
Senior Deacon                                         Bro. A.J. Innes
Junior Deacon                                          Bro. M.A. Lainé
Assistant Director of Ceremonies       W.Bro. F.A. Richards
Organist                                              W.Bro. R.C. Ray, PAGDC, Prov.G.D.C.
Assistant Secretary                             W.Bro. M.R. Sangan, P.Prov.G.St.B.
Inner Guard                                             Bro. C.E.J. Branch
Steward                                                    Bro. R.A. Corbin, P.Prov.G.Tyler
Steward                                                    Bro. P.D. Lainé
Tyler                                                    W.Bro. E.E. Smale, P.Prov.S.G.D.

After opening the Lodge the Worshipful Master warmly greeted the Provincial Grand Master, R.W. Bro. G.R. Rowland, and the members of Grand Lodge and Provincial Grand Lodge.

Greetings were also given to the Past Provincial Grand Master, the R.W. Bro. Sir Charles Frossard, the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, the Reverend Gibson Nelson, and the Past Deputy Grand Master, Douglas William Mansell Randell.

The Provincial Grand Master addressed the brethren and expressed his delight that he and the other distinguished guests had been invited to attend this special occasion, and spoke at length on the excellent history that the Lodge had enjoyed over the last 100 years, and mused that in another 100 years the then brethren of Balfour Cockburn would be looking back on the events of today, alongside those of 1900.

The most senior member of the Lodge, W.Bro. Denis Creasey, PAGDC, P.Prov.S.G.W. gave a brief history of the Lodge, after which the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master directed the Provincial Grand Secretary, W.Bro. David Hodgetts, PAGDC, to read the illuminated address on the Centenary Warrant.

The Deputy Provincial Grand Master then delivered an oration on the essence of Freemasonry when applied by a Mason in his daily life, after which the Worshipful Bro. Secretary read a letter of congratulation which had been received from the Logic Ritual Association.

Greetings were received from Lodges; 168, Mariners; 84, Doyles; 243, Loyalty; 1809, Lodge Fidelis; 2598, St Sampson’s; 3151, Hansard; 6892, Victor Carey; 8564, The Guernsey & Alderney Lodge of Installed Masters; 593, St Anne’s; and 4278, Twickenham.

The meeting closed at 1255, and with it the first 100 years of Balfour Cockburn history.

Past Masters

2018S.D. Bowden
2017J.V. Davis
2016M.N. de Garis
2015P.A. Pauckner
2014I. Davidson
2013A.C. Paxton
2012R.D.L Hodgetts
2011R.A. Grant
2010D.J. Hodge
2009C.J. Robilliard
2008C.J. Robilliard
2007W.W. Williams, B.E.M.
2006A.F. James
2005P.D. Laine
2004M.A. Laine
2003A.J. Innes
2002R.P. de Garis
2001C.J. Robilliard
2000A.D. Gaudion
1999D.F. Gaudion
1998T.W. Clayton
1997F.J. Teather
1996D.F. Clark
1994F.A. Richards
1993O. Le Vallee
1992C.J. Robilliard
1991S.W.J. Jehan
1990J.H. Humphreys
1989M.R. Sangan
1988M.R. Sangan
1987T.A. Hurst
1986R. Grant
1985S.G. Wood
1984D.P.L. Hodgetts
1983R.N. de Garis
1982D.C. Chalker
1981D.M. Prosser
1980P.E. Willis
1979R.C. Ray
1978R.A.V. de Garis
1977R.B. Macmorran
1976S. Baker
1975D. Evans
1974C.G. Rasy
1973W.J. Rowe
1972O. Le Vallee
1971R.G. McCathie
1970P.M. Mauger
1969D.J. George
1968P. Santangelo
1967H.J. Lanyon
1966W.G.S. Sexton
1965P.O. Hodgetts
1964P.G. Mauger
1963R.N. de Garis
1962L.M. Ogier
1961L. Guille
1960D.G. Creasey
1959T.G. Carpenter
1958F.G.L. Brooke
1957H.F. de Garis
1956B.D. Lovell
1955F.J. Le Vallee
1954G. Heggs, M.B.E.
1953C.A. Ford
1952P.J. Le Maitre
1951H.E. Marquand jnr
1950W.R. Fletcher
1949E.J. de Garis
1948B.G. Blampied
1947A. Timmer
1946L.R. Corfield
1946L.R. Corfield
1940-1945German Occupation
1939A. Le M. Robert
1938H.E. Marquand
1937V.E. Stone
1936W. Frampton
1935E.H. Bennett
1934V. Creasey
1933C.R. Stutchbury
1932E.T. Bachmann
1931N.J. Mahy
1930C.B. Blampied
1929C.E. Agnew
1928E. Gerard
1927F.E. Fulford
1926E. de Garis
1925W.D.M. Lovell
1924W.J. Beer
1923F.F. Peek
1922A.M. Mackay
1921A.H. Brice
1920F.J. Brownsey
1917H.G. Wheadon
1916J. Le Couteur
1915W.B. Randell
1914B.B. Creasey
1913F.I. Oakley
1912T.P. Holmes
1911F.G. Frayling
1910H.B. de Moulpied
1909E.K. Corbin
1908H.A. Smith
1907H. Le Pelley
1906E.W. Mauger
1905W.H. Smith
1904T. Miller Davis
1903J.D.C. Allen
1902W. H. Lovell
1901J.B. Nickolls
1900J. Balfour Cockburn