Consecrated: 28th April, 1879. Centenary Warrant: 28th April, 1979.
Meetings held at the Masonic Centre; 4th Wednesday in January, February, March, April, May, September, October and November. 3rd Monday in December.
Installation meeting: Fourth Wednesday in January.

Opposite: The first lodge summons, 1st May 1879.

The lodge survived two world wars, both so very different in nature.

The War of 1914-1918 appeared to make little impact on masonry in the island, in contrast however the World War of 1939-1945 proved a disaster.

At the Regular Meeting on 25th October 1939 two Grand Lodge Communications were read, the first dated 6th September and ordered that all Masonic meetings be suspended until further notice and then the 29th September Grand Lodge permitting meetings no later than 6:30pm and terminating no later than 10pm.

During the German occupation meetings were suspended from 22nd May 1940 to 23rd January 1946.

The Masonic museum has a treasure trove of regalia and artefacts.

Masonic lectures provide an interesting insight to the origin, history and teaching of masonry from around the globeā€¦