We regret to record the brethren below having passed to the Grand Lodge above.

Gone, but never forgotten.

May they rest in peace.

Funeral Service

Ian Hawkins funeral service at St. Johns Church on Wednesday 21st November at 11:00.
If you knew Ian, please wear something purple. Family flowers only.

Donations in lieu to Guernsey Chest & Heart LBG, Oberlands, St. Martins. GY4 6SP

Loyalty Lodge No. 243Ian Hawkins10/11/2018
St. Sampsons Lodge No. 2598James Eggo02/10/2018
St. Anns Lodge No. 593Francis Herivel28/09/2018
St. Anns Lodge No. 593James McDonald24/08/2018
Loyalty Lodge No. 243Kenneth Birch24/06/2018
St. Martins Lodge No. 4142Alfred (Paul) Le Huray01/06/2018
Victor Carey Lodge No. 6892G.W. Webber22/05/2018
St. Anns Lodge No. 593Roger Parker24/02/2018
St. Martins Lodge No. 4142Alan E Le Page11/12/2017
St. Anns Lodge No. 593Jack Bates24/09/2017
Mariners Lodge No. 168B Foreman12/08/2017
Mariners Lodge No. 168Tony Cutter26/06/2017
St. Martins Lodge No. 4142Gigger Giles01/06/2017
Victor Carey Lodge No. 6892Michael O'Toole01/06/2017
Lodge Fidelis No.1809Keith Tydeman14/04/2017
Balfour Cockburn Lodge No. 2805Alan James09/02/2017
Loyalty Lodge No. 243Barry Singleton23/12/2016
Lodge Fidelis No. 1809Morriss Marsh03/12/2016
Loyalty Lodge No. 243Andrew Chippendale24/11/2016
Mariners Lodge No. 168Lloyd Falla17/11/2016
St. Martins Lodge No. 4142Tony Clark10/10/2016
Hansard Lodge No. 3515Brian Wilson10/09/2016
Lodge Fidelis No. 1809Peter Derham29/08/2016
St. Martins Lodge No. 4142Albert Green05/07/2016
Mariners Lodge No. 168W.J. Norman12/06/2016
St. Martins Lodge No. 4142Peter Penney25/04/2016
St. Anns Lodge No. 593Chris Walker18/04/2016
St. Martins Lodge No. 4142Peter Craggs Howe14/02/2016
Lodge Fidelis No. 1809Brian Green09/01/2016
Mariners Lodge No. 168John McDermott24/10/2015
Loyalty Lodge No. 243Jim Martin15/10/2015
Lodge Fidelis No. 1809Malcolm Drakefield05/10/2015
Lodge Fidelis No. 1809Ivan Way16/08/2015
Loyalty Lodge No. 243Philip Jackson15/08/2015
Loyalty Lodge No. 243Geoff Le Tissier15/04/2015
Mariners Lodge No. 168Len Gallienne01/04/2015
Doyles Lodge of Fellowship No. 84Roger Le Huray28/01/2015
Victor Carey Lodge No. 6892Simon Marquis15/05/2014
Loyalty Lodge No. 243Simon Applegate12/12/2012