We regret to record the brethren below having passed to the Grand Lodge above.

Gone, but never forgotten.

May they rest in peace.

Funeral Service

Chris Tomkins:
Funeral Service details to follow…

St. Anns Lodge No. 593Chris Tomkins23/05/2019
Loyalty Lodge No. 243David de Garis03/04/2019
Balfour Cockburn Lodge No. 2805Jim Jehan01/04/2019
Mariners Lodge No. 168John Guille23/03/2019
Doyles Lodge of Fellowship No. 84Roger Perrot03/03/2019
Doyles Lodge of Fellowship No. 84A.B. Seth-Smith11/01/2019
St. Martins Lodge No. 4142Mike Ross07/01/2019
Loyalty Lodge No. 243Ian Hawkins10/11/2018
St. Sampsons Lodge No. 2598James Eggo02/10/2018
St. Anns Lodge No. 593Francis Herivel28/09/2018
St. Anns Lodge No. 593James McDonald24/08/2018
Loyalty Lodge No. 243Kenneth Birch24/06/2018
St. Martins Lodge No. 4142Alfred (Paul) Le Huray01/06/2018
Victor Carey Lodge No. 6892G.W. Webber22/05/2018
St. Anns Lodge No. 593Roger Parker24/02/2018
St. Martins Lodge No. 4142Alan E Le Page11/12/2017
St. Anns Lodge No. 593Jack Bates24/09/2017
Mariners Lodge No. 168B Foreman12/08/2017
Mariners Lodge No. 168Tony Cutter26/06/2017
St. Martins Lodge No. 4142Gigger Giles01/06/2017
Victor Carey Lodge No. 6892Michael O'Toole01/06/2017
Lodge Fidelis No.1809Keith Tydeman14/04/2017
Balfour Cockburn Lodge No. 2805Alan James09/02/2017
Loyalty Lodge No. 243Barry Singleton23/12/2016
Lodge Fidelis No. 1809Morriss Marsh03/12/2016
Loyalty Lodge No. 243Andrew Chippendale24/11/2016
Mariners Lodge No. 168Lloyd Falla17/11/2016
St. Martins Lodge No. 4142Tony Clark10/10/2016
Hansard Lodge No. 3515Brian Wilson10/09/2016
Lodge Fidelis No. 1809Peter Derham29/08/2016
St. Martins Lodge No. 4142Albert Green05/07/2016
Mariners Lodge No. 168W.J. Norman12/06/2016
St. Martins Lodge No. 4142Peter Penney25/04/2016
St. Anns Lodge No. 593Chris Walker18/04/2016
St. Martins Lodge No. 4142Peter Craggs Howe14/02/2016
Lodge Fidelis No. 1809Brian Green09/01/2016
Mariners Lodge No. 168John McDermott24/10/2015
Loyalty Lodge No. 243Jim Martin15/10/2015
Lodge Fidelis No. 1809Malcolm Drakefield05/10/2015
Lodge Fidelis No. 1809Ivan Way16/08/2015
Loyalty Lodge No. 243Philip Jackson15/08/2015
Loyalty Lodge No. 243Geoff Le Tissier15/04/2015
Mariners Lodge No. 168Len Gallienne01/04/2015
Doyles Lodge of Fellowship No. 84Roger Le Huray28/01/2015
Victor Carey Lodge No. 6892Simon Marquis15/05/2014
Loyalty Lodge No. 243Simon Applegate12/12/2012