Huge thanks from the GSPCA to St Martins’ Freemason Lodge for a fantastic donation. On Wednesday 3rd April Worshipful Master Steve Martin from St Martins’ Lodge No.4142 at the Masonic Centre in St Martins met Steve Byrne from the GSPCA with a wonderful donation. On the 2nd March St Martins’ Lodge No.4142 held a Ladies Night fundraiser and all had a fabulous time at Les Cotils where it was held. The proceeds raised for the GSPCA was a fantastic £500 which was presented when they met and from all the team and animals at the GSPCA we want to say a huge thanks to allRead More →

The evening started with Lars Henningsen the magical entertainment who attended each table in between the service of the food and did some magical tricks for the guests which went down extremely well. The deputy Provincial Grand Master and his wife Elaine thoroughly enjoyed the evening, well supported by so many younger brethren. The food that the Les Cotils served was marvelous and delicious they did a wonderful service serving for all 118 people who attended the night. The Worshipful Master received a surprise 65th birthday cake from his wife Patricia which was shared by all with tea and coffee. The  45 prizes was drawnRead More →